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French GCSE Vocab

French GCSE Vocab - AQA French GCSE - AQA
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French GCSE - Edexcel, OCR, WJEC
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Need a quick, easy and effective way of learning GCSE vocab? GCSEs are difficult enough without wasting valuable time learning unnecessary vocabulary. So you want to be sure that you're learning only the words you need... right?

cRaMiT French GCSE Vocab contains over 1000 French>English words (essential Foundation vocabulary and an additional set of Higher words for students aiming for D-A* grades) to best prepare you for French GCSE exams. 

Now you can practise your French vocab wherever you are; in the car, on the bus or even whilst relaxing in the bath.

  • No-nonsense revision: simply choose a topic to view a list of words and tick off as you learn.
  • No typing required: simply click on a word to reveal its English translation.
  • You are in control: move words to and from your learnt words list as you see fit.
  • Motivation by progression: clearly see how you are progressing within each topic.
  • Targeted revision for speedy results.
  • Simple, fast and effective.

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